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Many believe that the practice of Congressional earmarks in Federal legislation is a serious taxation issue. People, who believe in government spending austerity or sunshine in government, see earmarks as a shining example of corruption and waste in government. Some charge that the earmarking process is a breakdown in priority based decision-making by our governments. Time magazine reported that in 2006 there were 13,012 earmarks which was four times the number in 1995. These earmarks cost $67.1 billion dollars. That was more than triple the amount spent in 1996. "Numbers.", Time. 15 January, 2007:page 20.

In 1995, there were five earmarks in the Labor, Health and Human Services bill, amounting to $2.4 million. By FY 2005, the number of earmarks attached to this bill had soared to 3,014 or $1.18 billion. Gail Russell Chaddock, The Christian Science Monitor August 22, 2006.

Porked Earmarks for Profit - exposes former Speaker D Hasert, Rep P Kanjorski, & Rep. K Calvert.

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The 2008 Labor, Health and Human Services bill has 1,038 earmarks at a cost of $562.9 million. Overall funding in the bill is $605.5 billion, making it the largest non-defense appropriations measure. The amount allocated is $9.1 billion more than the President’s request and $59.8 billion more than FY 2007 Budget. Taxpayers for Common Sense.


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According to Kathryn A. Wolfe in Congressional Quarterly July 31, 2007

"Sen. Ted Stevens, who as a top appropriator has mastered the art of the congressional earmark, tucked $3.5 million into a Senate spending bill this year to help finance an airport to serve a remote Alaskan island.

The airstrip would connect the roughly 100 permanent residents of Akutan to the outside world. The biggest beneficiary, though, would be Seattle-based Trident Seafoods Corp., which operates one of the world’s largest seafood processing plants on the volcanic island in the Aleutians.

Trident and Stevens are no strangers. For years, company founder and Chief Executive Charles Bundrant has been a generous contributor to the Alaska Republican’s campaigns. And in December, according to the Seattle Times, a federal grand jury investigating political corruption in Alaska ordered Trident and other seafood companies to produce documents detailing financial ties to the senator’s son, former Alaska Fisheries Marketing Board Chairman Ben Stevens."


question mark Examine the issue of earmarks.

$ - How has your state or region benefited by earmarks? Taxpayers for Common Sense provide earmark info.

$ - Some people charge that, with no oversight, much of this spending is wasted and never realizes what it was proposed it would do.
Take a critical look at one earmark your state or region has received. Has the goal it was to meet been achieved?

$ - Is the goal a local priority? Is it a national priority?

$ - If the only way to achieve the goal or funding would have been to raise the local taxes, would you have supported the increase?

$ - Changes have been proposed in the earmark process. What are they?

$ - Do you believe these changes will adequately address the issue?

$ - Does this kind of legislator ordered spending happen in your state government?


Write a letter regarding earmarks to one of the individuals that represents you in the U.S. Congress.
Tell them how you feel about this issue and what you believe should be done about it.
Endeavor to cite specific examples that relate to your community.
Point to their previous voting record on this issue.

Your challenges include: finding their office address, using the correct salutation including title, as well as, following appropriate business letter writing format. Most legislators have their own web site. Use your online research skills to find it.

*Many elected officials have an email form/link in their web site. It is reasonable to use this, in lieu of paper and postage, but format and style expectations remain the same. Write the letter in word processing. Edit it as needed. Then copy .. paste it into the email form. Some have a maximum character limit to emails. If that is the case, write the formal letter. Then drop the address heading and date from the email.


Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper advocating for your beliefs regarding earmarks. I did.


Make an earmark related video or multimedia presentation project.

The Yes Men - Examine this approach to dealing with the problem/issue. Examples: WTO/GATT | Dow- Union Carbide | Ice Age Petition - How to's for iMovie software | Stop Motion Video info from the Pogues


Research the earmarks that have been given to your community or state.

1. Watch this Google Earth tutorial at TeacherTube.

2. Locate the recipients' location on a Google Map.

3. Enter the amount and the legislator who earmarked them.

How will they impact the future growth/or decline of your region?


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THOMAS - legislative information from the Library of Congress

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"Kleptocracy is an obstacle to democratic progress, undermines faith in government institutions, and steals prosperity from the people.
Promoting transparent, accountable governance is a critical component of our freedom agenda." George W. Bush August 2006

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