Country Internet Hunt Rubric



Hunt includes all aspects of the country: location, continent, capital, culture, language spoken, resources, geography, climate, special sites, unique wildlife or nature, health issues, facts

with varying questions (see below)


Hunt includes most aspects of the country


with varying questions (see below)


Hunt lacks many aspects of the country


Little variety in questions. (see below)

Meets question number criteria at least 15.

Meets 80% of question number criteria (12)

Meets 70% of question number criteria (10)

The introduction explains your choice and briefly supports the selection


The introduction explains your choice; no support of the selection given


No introduction or it does not explains your choice or support the selection


All links work on the web page


Majority of links work on web page


More than 3 links do not work on web page


All answers to questions provided on word processing copy

Most answers to questions provided - lacks 1 answer

more than 1 question lacks an answer

Kinds of questions to consider employing in a hunt:

Find a fact - go to a site and use links to find the answer

Multiple choice - use the site to find answer - you provide multiple choices.

Look up in search engine like a dictionary, database or encyclopedia

Mathematical - require a calculation based on the info found on the site

Chart reading - determine the answer based on a chart, table or graph found on the site.

Thinker - require reasoning of the answer based on info on site, but the answer is not directly given.
Example: If you proposed visiting Alaska during winter, you would ask about appropriate clothing.

Main problem

What you know

What you
do not know

Worksheet example

How to make
web page

Hunt examples

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