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Make an Internet Fact Hunt about a Country
a Problem-Based Learning Project about countries

 Examples of a group's research worksheet:

Buying a bike:

Biography of person

What is the cost?

Is it in stock?

Cost of shipping

List the accessories:

What color(s) are available?

How heavy is it?

How long is the warranty?

What materials is it made of? aluminum / plastic / cardboard

Street use / off road / multiple riders

Was it made in the USA?

reviews/ratings if available

Born date / place

Parents names / siblings names

Places they lived as child

Went to school(s)


Awards earned

Important events in their life

Married or Single?

Had children?

Date of Death / where buried

Museum or monuments to them

Main problem

1. What you know

2. What you do not know

Worksheet example
How to make
web page


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