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Make an Internet Fact Hunt about a Country
a Problem-Based Learning Project about countries

Step 2 - What do you need to find out about the country? (Put the initials of the person assigned to find the fact/info)

List some facts you do not know: Example: Animals I would see?


What season will it be when you are planning to visit?

Go get the facts.

Evenly divide the areas of research between the team members.
Each team member should be looking up at least one area of research about the country and getting important facts.

It will help organization if you make a worksheet with all the facts to find in a list.
Distribute the worksheet to each member. Remember to write down who is looking for what.

As you collect facts, rate each one's value to your project. Is this fact a pro or a con?

It is important to record the web site address for each found fact. You'll need that info to make the hunt page.
Copy ... Paste the URL on to your word processing document.

Main problem
1 - What you know
2 - What you do not know

Worksheet example
How to make a web page


Problem & Project Based learning

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