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The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has been the home of many remarkable people. A diverse group of leaders, heroes, artists, scientists and innovators have contributed to Pennsylvania and to the world. This list includes those born in Pennsylvania, as well as, those who made a noteworthy contribution to society while living in Pennsylvania. The list numbers over 800 Pennsylvanians. The links are to web sites where you can learn something about each individual.

It honors the courageous sacrifices of over 290 brave Pennsylvanians in the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Many Pennsylvania public school students research famous Pennsylvanians. I challenge them to research someone who contributed to their locality or lived in their county. Publish the information in a class website to help others learn more about that special person from your local area. Local and county historical societies can be very helpful in locating facts, figures and even photos.

Helpful hint.
Use the browser Find command to scan the text for a person or town, rather than read the whole page.

To do this:
Go Edit ... Find. Enter a name or county - click Find.
The first occurrence of the text will be highlighted.

Edit ... Find again will take you to the next occurrence of the word.

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Violet Oakley artist site 1, site 2

Spc. Donald Samuel Oaks Jr. KIA Iraq site1 site 2 site 3 US Flag Icon

Amedeo Obici peanut entrepreneur

Tawni O'Dell author

John O'Hara writer

Elizabeth "Betts" Miller O'Hora

James "Jim" Joseph O'Hora PSU coach site 1

Sgt. Timothy R. Van Orman, KIA Afghanistan site 1 US Flag Icon

Eugene Ormandy, musician/conductor

Ann A. Osborne judge

Staff Sgt. Ryan S. Ostrom KIA Iraq site 1 US Flag Icon

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Philadelphia, Philadelphia

Harborcreek, Erie



Pottsville, Schuylkill

Parkplace, Mahanoy City

Dunmore, Lackawanna

Port Matilda, Centre

Philadelphia, Philadelphia


Liberty, Tioga

Laminate cabinets Northway Industries Inc.


Asa Packer industrialist

Thomas Paine revoluntionary/writer

Jack Palance - actor

Arnold Palmer athlete

Amedeo Pancotti hero coal miner site 1

Ario Pardee railroad businessman site 1

Maxfield Frederick Parrish illustrator site 1

Pfc. Larry Parks Jr. KIA Iraq US Flag Icon site 1

John Pass foundry worker site 1

Francis Daniel Pastorius communninty leader, abolitionist

Joe Paterno, football coach

Ruth Patrick scientist/ecologist site 1 site 2

Kathleen Pavelko President WITF

Daniel A. Payne minister/educator site 1

Pvt. Dylan R. Paytas KIA Iraq US Flag Icon

Lce Cpl George Jitendra Payton KIA Iraq US Flag Icon

James Pawelczyk scientist,astronaut

Anna Claypoole Peale artist

Charles Willson Peale artist, naturalist, author site 1

Rembrandt Peale artist site 1, site 2, site 3, site 4

Sarah Miriam Peale artist

Robert Edwin Peary sailor/explorer

Charles Sanders Peirce philosopher, logician, and scientist pragmatism

Eva J. Pell scientist researcher

Spc. Gennaro Pellegrini Jr. boxer, KIA Iraq site 1 US Flag Icon

Theodore DeReese (Teddy) Pendergrass, Sr. soul music singer site 1

Hannah Callowhill Penn site 1 leader

John Penn lieutenant-governor

Thomas Penn Proprietor site 1

William Penn politician site 1

Elijah Pennypacker abolionist/politician

Staff Sgt. Brandon Pepper, KIA Afghanistan US Flag Icon

Oliver Hazard Perry naval hero

Richard Peters Jr. lawyer/politician

lt Col Mark P Phelan KIA Iraq site 1 US Flag Icon

Samuel Phillippe inventor

Mary Young Pickersgill - flag maker

John J. Pinder, Jr. Medal of honor winner US Flag Icon

Michael Pilato muralist site 1

B.J. Beege Pinchbeck Internet expert/ homework helper

Gifford Pinchot politician/environmentalist site 1

Cleo Francis Pineau fighter pilot/motorcycle daredevil/businessman

Eddie Plank athlete site 1

Valerie Plame CIA Officer

Edgar Allen Poe author site 1

Cpl. Joseph Pokorny, PSP killed in the line of duty site 1 site 2 US Flag Icon

James Pollock politician

Bernie Poole, associate professor education & instructional technology

Patricia K. Poprik businesswoman/activist

Major General James Potter soldier/Judge

Albert R Potteiger veterinarian site 1, site 2, site 3

Tim Potts democracy activist site 1

Andrew Porter soldier/mathematician

Samuel Powel lawyer/politician

Ann Preston doctor site 1

Joseph Priestley scientist site 1, site 2

CWO. John R. Priestner KIA Iraq US Flag Icon

Karl Probst, inventor

Dr. John P. Pryor KIA Iraq US Flag Icon

Sgt Jaror C Puello-Coronado KIA Iraq US Flag Icon

Evan Pugh founded PSU

Sgt. George A. Pugliese KIA Iraq site 1 US Flag Icon

James Jackson Purman teacher, Medal of Honor at Gettysburg site 1

Joshua Pusey invented matchbook

Gerald W. Putt artist site 1

Howard Pyle artist

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Jim Thorpe, Carbon

Philadelphia, Philadelphia

Lattimer, Luzerne

Latrobe, Westmoreland

Exeter, Luzerne

Hazleton, Luzerne

Philadelphia, Philadelphia

Newburg, Cumberland

Philadelphia, Philadelphia

Germantown, Philadelphia

State College, Centre

Philadelphia, Philadelphia

Harrisburg, Dauphin

Gettysburg, Adams


Scranton, Lackawana

University Park, Centre

Philadelphia, Philadelphia

Philadelphia, Philadelphia

Bucks County

Philadelphia, Philadelphia

Cresson, Cambria

Milford, Pike

State College, Centre

Philadelphia, Philadelphia

Philadelphia, Philadelphia





Schuylkill Township, Chester

York County spacer

Erie, Erie

Philadelphia, Philadelphia

Green Lane

Easton, Northampton

Philadelphia, Philadelphia

Pittsburgh, Allegheny spacer

Centre Hall, Centre

New Brighton, Beaver

Milford, Pike

Williamsport, Lycoming

Gettysburg, Adams

Huntingdon Valley, Montgomery

Philadelphia, Philadelphia

Monaca, Beaver

Milton, Northumberland

Johnstown, Cambria

Langehorne, Bucks


Selinsgrove, Snyder

Bethel Park, Allegheny

Worcester, Montgomery

Philadelphia, Philadelphia

West Grove, Chester

Northumberland, Northumberland

Pike Township, Bradford space

Butler, Butler

Philadelphia, Reading space

Pocono Summit, Monroe

Chester County, State College, Centre

Carbondale, Lackawanna


Lima, Delaware

Boiling Springs, Cumberland

Chadds Ford, Chester

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