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Pennsylvania Projects - Promote your town - Why should someone move to your town?

Many people believe that continued growth is the only way to keep a community alive. Certainly, there are things
a community must have to sustain it. Your town is facing many challenges. Some leaders believe that more people
and more businesses will help to overcome these challenges. Others believe that unchecked growth hurts the quality of life in a region.

As a resident, you have a unique perspective of your town. Develop a print or electronic brochure about your community.

Give the facts, report the statistics, take digital photos, Paint a positive picture of the resources - Sell someone on your town.

blue bullet How is your community "more livable" than the ones around you?
"space"You must provide facts. If you think property taxes are cheaper, make a table showing the taxes.
"space"If you believe your schools are best, show that with test scores and academic programs offered.
"space"Inventory your treasured historic and natural treasures.
"space"Make a map of parks and recreation areas.

blue bullet What is unique about your community? What are its "seven wonders"?

blue bullet What does the community offer that would be a plus to young people or kids?

blue bullet Add some jazz to your brochure by including a photo or drawing of an important place, building, natural feature or person in your community.


PENNSYLVANIA info at is a good example of the kinds of facts you should include in the project.


Which department(s) of Pennsylvania's government assists communities in attracting new businesses?

What are some challenges created by growth in a community?

What are some challenges created by decline in a community?


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