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Pennsylvania Projects - Exceptional Women of Pennsylvania

Directions: Click on the links to go to a site with the question's answer. Although the answer is often on the page you are linked to, some questions require you to choose an appropriate link to another page with the answer. If a link is broken, use your online research skills to locate an answer. Use your browser's Go Menu to return to this hunt page.

1. Elizabeth Jane Cochran was a journalism pioneer. What was the name she used as a reporter?

What group of people did her reporting help?

2. The Daughters of the American Revolution denied her a place to sing in Washington D. C..
First Lady, Eleanor Roosevelt arranged for her to sing on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. Who was she?

Why did the DAR treat her this way?

Name one song she sang at that event. What was the importance of her choice?

3. In honor of the 25th anniversary of Earth Day, Environmental Protection Secretary, James M. Seif, announced the naming of the Department of Environmental Protection - Department of Conservation of Natural Resources Harrisburg headquarters as the Rachel Carson State Office Building on April 19, 1995.

Use your online research skills to explain why she was selected for the honor.


4. Many call her the Mother of Modern Dance. Who was she?

How did she influence dance?


5. Louisa May Alcott wrote several famous books including Little Women and Little Men.
What events in her life contributed to her becoming a writer?


6. Sarah Josepha Hale gave this advice:

"Young writers are particularly apt to fall into a habit of prolixity, than which scarcely any defect of style
is more distasteful to the reader. Persons who think clearly are always remarkable for using the fewest words.
If a man wishes to be original in these days, let him be concise."

How was she well qualified to give this advice?

What nursery rhyme did she write?


7. Sybilla Masters is often named as the first woman inventor in the American colonies. She lived in Philadelphia.
Name one of her inventions.


8. Mary Cassatt's Impressionist style paintings are pleasing to many people.
What was one of the most frequent subjects of her work?


9. She is the first woman to head the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection. (Look it up)

Who is she? How long did she serve in the position?


10. Kimberly A. Voelz is a hero. Why?


11. The Academy of Natural Sciences owes Virginia Orr Maes a debt of gratitude. Explain.

Have you collected these animals?


12. Marilyn Horne is known for her ........


13. Where should you go to view Violet Oakley's murals? Use your online skills to find the answer.


14. Mary Morris Husband was a Civil War nurse. What is she remembered for having?


15. For what is Mary Roberts Rinehart best known?


16. How did C. DeLores Tucker work to shape a better Pennsylvania?


17. Find it: Name the women who sit on the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.


18. September 28th is Francis E. Willard Day by order of the PA. Legislature even though she is not a Pennsylvanian.

Why is she honored?


19. Katharine Wentworth Ruschenberger commissioned a symbol to promote her cause.
What was it?


20. In 1947, Ruth Patrick founded a branch of science. Her discoveries lead to the Patrick Principle.
What did she study?


21. Marciarose Shestack was a pioneer in ...

What were two of her accomplishments?


23. Barbara Weisberger played an important role in the growth in performing arts in Pennsylvania.
What did she do?


24. The 19th Amendment to the US Constitution was proposed June 4, 1919.
How long did it take for Pennsylvania to ratify the 19th Amendment?

What does the 19th Amendment assure?


Extra: Use your online research skills to uncover 5 more extraordinary woman of Pennsylvania. Include an important woman in your community/county.
Why did you select them?
Rank them in the importance of their contributions to society.

violet oakley mural Penn

"Penn's Vision," by Violet Oakley

Famous Pennsylvanians Project - hundreds listed

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