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Milkweed & Monarch Butterfly Mania True - False Quiz

1.) Many insects depend on milkweed plants for food.
True False

2.) The eggs of monarch butterflies can be found on the underneath area of milkweed leaves.
True False

3.) Monarch caterpillars are covered with many colored hairs.
True False

4.) Monarch butterflies migrate to Mexico each autumn.
True False

5.) Metamorphosis only happens in butterflies.
True False

6.) Monarch pupas are bright red. The color warns off predators.
True False

7.) Spraying Milkweed plants with killer bug spray can poison many helpful insects.
True False

8.) People don't use milkweed plants to solve problems. It just helps bugs.
True False

9.) Milkweed plants and Monrach butterflies have symmetry.
True False

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