Working in a Group
To work successfully in a group it helps to know a few key things.
This activity will help you be better prepared to work with others.

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Utilize the resources provided at the excellent web site: Process Guides - Student guides posted at

1. What is brainstorming?



Name the three roles in a brainstorming.





According to Step 4 - what should you NOT do during the brainstorming?



2. Building Consensus is challenging. Which of the seven steps is most important? Why?



3. Talk, talk, talk. Many groups are good at talking, but get very little work done. List some principles of Time Management.



Why should you avoid procrastination?



4. I know I'm Right - Making a persuasive argument is aided by key strategies. Write them.


Which ideas, about persuading someone to see your point of view, are new to you?



5. Which role in group work is the best one for you? Why?



Next step?

Examine Online Collaboration and Social Networking - Web 2.0

Using Online Collaboration and Social Networking to do work

Check out Introducing the Big6 - an approach to information problem solving

Learning Today, Leading Tomorrow. - Group resources


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Tech Tip: Working in a group or in two different places like the library & home? You do not have to be physically together to work together. gold starWatch Google Docs video TAI - How could you use free, Google Docs to do a project? How would this facilitate group projects?