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Word Processing Internet Hunt
This hunt broadens your understanding of one of common tools in Word Processing.

Directions: Click on the numbers (at the bottom of the window) to go to each question. Use the links to find the answers to the questions. Hold down on the back button of your browser. A menu will appear listing the pages you have visited in reverse order. Drag down to select the web page you want to return to. printer friendly answer sheet

1. Suppose you are working on a group project. You are in charge of word processing the paper. You want to draw attention to recent changes in the document for the rest of the group's review.

List 4 ways to point them to the changes in iWork or Word. (pdf link)




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tree icon Save a tree use a digital answer format - Highlight the text. Copy it. Paste it in a word processing document. Save the document in your folder. Answer on the wp document in an easily read, contrasting color or font. (No yellow, no Symbols, broad font, dear font font) Please do not put the answer documents on the web because they will show up in a search engine, making them like the odd question answers in the back of the math text. Or perhaps you have the resources to record verbal answers. If you do, be sure to first read / record the question. Then record the answer immediately after it. MYO Printed answer sheet.

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