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peek a boo wormWorm Facts Internet Hunt

Directions: Click on the link to go to a web site with the answer to the question.
Once you find it, try using the Go Menu of your browser, to return to this web page. printer version

1. Read this article about earthworms. Answer the questions.

a. How many species of earthworms are there?

b. Name the two continents with the largest earthworms.


c. Circle the correct choice. The earthworm's prostomium ...

Shades the earthworm's eyes. Is another name for the earthworm's teeth
Is the earthworm's heart. Helps the earthworm sense light and vibrations

d. Earthworm waste is called ....


2. If you go outside in an April rain, you may see many earthworms.
Why do they come out in the rain?

Try again: Why do night crawlers come out in the rain? Habits then Use Edit .. Find to scan the page for the answer.



Try once more: According to this article - Why do worms come out in the rain?



Which one do you believe? Why?



3. You have decided to open a fishing worm business. List the things you will need to do this.


When do you predict you'll have your best sales? Why?


4. Approximately how many earthworms live in an acre of soil?

There has been a drought. Scientists believe there has been a 75% death rate in earthworms.
What do you estimate is the number of earthworms per 1/2 acre of soil after the drought?


5. What is the name for the sac in which earthworms lay their eggs?


6. How many bones does an earthworm have?


7. True or false. Earthworms (night crawlers) have always been in the soil of North America.


8. How are earthworms beneficial to gardeners?



9. How do earthworms damage forests? National Geographic article


10. How are earthworms potentially impacting maple syrup? Solving a sugar maple mystery


11. Utilize the Cambridge International Idiom Dictionary to identify a worm idiom. Use it in a sentence.



robin with worm Done Already?

Variation - grouping things

Do this Dichotomous Key activity for two of the species.
Make a Dichotomous Key for a species of invertebrate and a vertebrate that live in your region.

Computers can get worms! What is the difference between a computer virus and a computer worm?


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"The early bird gets the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese." ~ unknown ;-)

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