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Outstanding Women of the World

There are thousands of women leaders in the world. Get to know some here.

Directions: Use the links provided to find the answers to the questions. After you glean the answer,
place your cursor over the Back button. Hold down on the mouse button. You'll get a menu that lets
you drop back several pages. Select the Outstanding Women of the World page.

1. Why was Wangari Marathi awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2004?


2. Mary Mcaleese was the second female president of Ireland.

How did she improve her country?


3. Watch - The First Women Barefoot Solar Engineers of the World

What part of the story surprised you the most?


4. What role has Queen Rania of Jordan chosen to play?


5. You may never meet Dr. Julie Gerberding. Yet she may save your life. Explain.


6. Margaret Thatcher was the first woman ever to take this role. She was also one of the longest serving.
What did she do? How has her work been remembered?


7. Who should support Guatemala's Rigoberta Menchu Tum ? Why?


8. Queen Liliuokalani sought to free her people through a new Constitution. Where did she rule?


Was she treated fairly? (Use your online research skills to learn the answers)


9. Perhaps you have read about Malala. How has she used her fame to reshape the world?


10. Look it up. Florence Nightingale was a famous Britian at the beginning of the twentieth century.
People still mention her name today.

For what is she remembered?


11. Queen Elizabeth II never attended a formal school. She was entirely homeschooled.
Write two other remakable facts about her.


12. Wilma Mankiller's image is being minted on a US coin. Why was she given this recognition?


13.Calculate - What percentage of the world's countries have female leaders?


Do some digging:

Identify another outstanding woman. Why are her accomplishments laudable?


"There are no shortcuts to any place worth going." Beverly Sills


What is the nature of public service? Wangari Maathai | Demographics of government | Women of Science

Women who ran for President site

Forbes - Most Powerful Women List 2022 | US Mint American Women coins

Woman's Record: Or, Sketches of All Distinguished Women, from "the Beginning" Till A.D. 1850.
by Sarah Josepha Buell Hale online through Google Books Search.

4000 years of Women in Science | Rosie the Riveter - Norman Rockwell image

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