globe an computer image Google Books a virtual library - What are the Implications?

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bullet Read: Justice Department urges court to reject Google book deal CNN Technology news

bullet Listen to: Who should control the Virtual Library? on NPR online.

Describe the issues surrounding Google Books.


Benefits - Who will benefit from this effort?



Detriments - Who will be harmed or lose as a virtual library is built?



What are the implications for people who work in the book publishing industry?


What are the implications for people who work in the library industries?


How will this impact individual readers?


Do you support building a virtual libray? Support your answer.


bullet Podcasting as a tool

bullet Examine Online Collaboration and Social Networking - Web 2.0

bullet Using Online Collaboration and Social Networking to do work

bullet Consider the Power of Possibilities through Andreessen's eye

bullet Thinking it through - writing a process


"The biggest enemy to learning is the talking teacher. " John Holt Three Skills for 21st Century Learning

Dig Deeper and act

bullet TeacherTube | bullet Bloggez- vous? Should you build a blog?

bullet Watch the Wisdom of Crowds video and grasp the power of wiki - it's funny. new

bullet Food for thought - Did You Know 2.0? - Are you 21st Century Literate?

bullet NSBA Report on Social Networking PDF | bullet Limiting Legal liability for Citizen Journalists

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