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Johnny Tremain Internet Hunt
based on the novel Johnny Tremain by Esther Forbes

Directions: Use the links provided to find the answers to the questions. Harness the Go Menu or the Back arrow, of your web browser, to return to this hunt page. Printer version

1. In the opening paragraphs of the tale, the Forbes writes, " Boston slowly opened its eyes, stretched, and woke."
Is this a simile or a metaphor?

How do you tell the difference?

2. Vocabulary - Use these web resources to glean the answers: M-W online / Cambridge Dictionaries / The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language

Provide synonyms for these words:

Flaccid ____________________________________________________________

Factious ___________________________________________________________


Give a definition for each of these words.


Describe the last time you felt you were inundated.


Name a profession where making decisions impartially is critical.

Which of the 2 words you just defined is an adverb? _____________________________

Use these vocabulary words in a sentence.



treasonous oratory

The word "desert" is a homonym. Which meaning of the word is definitely not relevant to the story?

3. Johnny purchases a fur lined surtout in the story. What is that article of clothing called today?
(Helpful hint. Use the Find command to scan the text rather than read the whole page. To do this using Netscape or Internet Explorer,
go Edit ... Find. Enter the w
ord "surtout" and click Find. The text will be highlighted. Edit ... Find again will take you to the next occurrence of the word.)

4. Two trades were mentioned extensively in the story. Silversmith and Printer
Use these resources to write two facts about each trade.
Printer / Silversmith

5. Ms. Forbes tells of the events the night the British marched from Boston. How accurate was she?
List three things described in the story which are true.

6. Dove is caught stealing tea during the tea party raid. Who really did try to steal tea that night?

7. The rebels adopted the song Yankee Doodle as their own. Actually, the British were mocking the
colonists by calling them Yankee Doodles. Explain....

8. Your class is exploring the Freedom Trail of Boston. List the places mentioned in the story that are on the tour.

9. What role did Samuel Adams play in sparking the revolution?

Do some digging:

10. Many of the characters in the story are real people. Was James Otis a real person?

Did Ms. Forbes paint an accurate picture of him?

11. Johnny is an apprentice. Consider some of the Jobs, Trades and Occupations of Colonial America.
Which occupation would you prefer to do? Explain.

Think About It:

* Clothing is repeatedly mentioned in the story. The red coat uniforms, the farmer's smock disguise for Pumpkin, the flashy metal buttons and special fabrics. You conclude that, in Colonial times, specific trades were identified by the clothes they wore.

Is this still true today? Can you tell a person's job by the clothes they wear? Support your answer with examples.

* Watch Declaring Independence

Done already?
Write a Personal Narrative Essay about an injury or illness Complete this activity to learn about Patriot James Otis

Colonial & Revolutionary Americans Activity

Explore the April 19th exhibit at the LOC
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Make a Book Trailer with Photo Story 3 free software and free tutorial

According to the poet Ralph Waldo Emerson, who fired the shot heard round the world? (Well worth the loading time.)

bullet Paul Revere is a character in the story. Explore his home.

bullet Embark on this electronic field trip - Freedom In America: Some Assembly Required

"That a man can stand up." James Otis


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