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Spreadsheet Internet Hunt
This hunt reviews some tips, tricks, and terms for spreadsheet use.

Directions: Use the links to find the answers to the questions. Use the Go menu to return to the hunt. Printer version

1. What types of data can you enter in a spreadsheet cell? Name 3

2. What is the symbol you must enter first when creating a formula in a spreadsheet?

3. In the function =SUM(B3:B6) what are the arguments?

4. When making a thermometer style chart, what is the key?

5. How do you get text to appear in multiple lines (text wrap) in a single spreadsheet cell?


6. My spreadsheet is beautiful, but it covers three pages. I only have two sheets of paper.
How can I adjust the spreadsheet to fit when printed? List 3 ways.


7. You are working on a project that will be posted on the Internet. You want to post your Excel spreadsheet as a web page.
Watch this Atomic Learning online tutorial.

What happens if you automate the Save as Web Page command?

What button do you click to access the fields for entering Web page title and keywords?

8. What is the difference between the spreadsheet commands Copy .. Paste and Copy .. Paste Special ?


9. What are the advantages to using references in a spreadsheet equation?

10. When creating a spreadsheet, you choose to make the local sales tax cell an absolute reference. Why?
(Use the Browser's Find command to help you scan the text: Go Edit ... Find. Enter a keyword in the box.
Hit the return key. To Find Again farther down the page use Edit ... Find Again.)


11. What button or command do you use to automatically label the months of the year in columns or rows of your spreadsheet?


12. How do you get Excel to automatically display a number as currency or percent?

13. Your current stock holdings are in this spreadsheet. Assume you buy 100 shares of Apple stock
at a cost of $20 a share. Lucky you, the next morning it is worth $35. What is the total value of your holdings now?
Use this online spreadsheet to find out. Remember you will still have all the stock already present in the online example!


14. Spreadsheets are a great way to make charts. Different charts (graphs) have
specific advantages in making a point. Write what each chart best shows.

Pie charts


Line charts


Bar charts


(TAI) You work for a veterinarian. She wants to compare the number of each kind of pet
she cares for in her practice. Which type of chart would you recommend she use? Why?


15. What is an exploded slice in a pie chart?


Why would a chart maker do this?


16. AutoCalculate will perform several types of calculations. List them.

17. Watch the online tutorial Tool Bars and Menus.
What can cause the order of some menus in Excel to change?


Think about it - List four professions that use spreadsheets.

Create Sieve of Eratosthenes on the Computer - Watch the online videos.

Look it up - Who is the Father of spreadsheets?

Tackle the spreadsheet crossword puzzle

Endeavor to complete Charting Information in Excel WebQuest

Push your "know how" off the chart using the Excel section at Learning Electric

Use Create a Chart to become a graph making expert

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