question mark Exploring the Google Search Engine
Directions: Use the Google Search Engines to answer the questions.
Save a tree use a digital answer format
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1. Enter your school's phone number including the area code. Write the kind of information that is returned on the hits page.


Repeat this with another phone number you know.


2. Enter your home's zip code. What type of information is returned?


Give an example of how you could use this feature.



3. Enter your State in the entry bar. Click News. List three of the categories of news provided. How timely are the articles?




Give an example of when this would be useful to you. Explain why.




4. Imagine you are visiting New York City with a group of friends. How would the Local search feature be very helpful?



5. You have been working part time at the grocery store. It was not fun, but you remain focused on your goal to purchase a new stereo.
You want to buy the best stereo your budget can permit. How would Froogle be helpful to you in making a choice?



6. You are writing a research paper. You need multiple sources, but no one has time to drive you to the public library.
How does the source Google Scholar help you achieve your goal?


7. When I enter a name like Washington, the Google web search engine gives a bounty hits.
I get web pages with people named Washington, like pages about George Washington.
I get Washington state and Washington city pages. I will also get schools that have the name Washington.

Read the Phrase searches.

Enter your community's name in the Google web search engine.

How many hits are returned for your community's name?

Write one way to improve your community search.


8. The Google search engine has a dictionary. Enter define:homonym. Read the definition, if you do not know what the word means.

Homonym conundrums can be overcome using the advise in Search Operators.
How can you narrow a search to find info about a unique rock?



9. Scan - Ten things Google has found to be true Which of these "things" also applies to your school?
Explain how one of them is also true at your school.



10. Give an example of how search engines like Google are changing how people live or work.



11. What is the Invisible or Deep Web?




* "Search is so highly personal that searching is empowering for humans like nothing else.
It is the antithesis of being told or taught. It is self-empowerment; it is empowering individuals to do what
they think best with the information they want". Eric Schmidt, Google CEO

Do you agree with him or disagree? Support your answer.


* How does Google spy on you? What can you do about it?


"Live your life honestly, because whatever you do, whatever mistakes you make, will be searchable one day." Thomas L. Friedman, author The World is Flat, Flattener #9

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