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O. Henry Internet Hunt
Directions: Click on the linked words to follow the link to a site. Find the answer and write it on your answer sheet. Click the Back button to return to this hunt page. printer friendly version - pdf / Getting back tips - pdf

1. O. Henry is actually a pseudonym. What is a pseudonym?


2. What was O. Henry's given name? Why do you think he employed a pseudonym?




3. O. Henry was known for writing .......



4. List three significant events in his life that may have affected his writing.




5. The O. Henry prize is awarded annually. What does it recognize?


What kind of short story would interest you?




6. Name the elements of a short story. How do they differ from a novel?












7. Select one of O. Henry's short stories.

Write the title:

Identify each of the elements of a short story (see your answer in question 6) found in your chosen story.











8. What really is Behrman's masterpiece in The Last Leaf?



Explore O. Henry's works here.

My favorite is The Gift of the Magi.

Make an Internet hunt based on one of O. Henry's works - directions for creating literature based hunts.

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The Gift of the Magi


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