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Night by Elie Wiesel - Literature Internet Activity
Directions: Use the links (blue underlined words) provided to find the answers to the questions.
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1. Wiesel says that even before the Holocaust, people were interested in Zionism.
What is Zionism?



Research online:

2. What are the titles of the two other books that comprise the Night Trilogy?


3. Name six countries that have used concentration camps.




4. German officers were billeted in the book. Where are you billeted?


What part of the U.S. Constitution sets rules about billeting soldiers in U.S. citizen's homes?


What are the rules?


5. Not all Europeans turned a blind eye to the Holocaust. Some tried to help the Jews.
How did Raoul Wallenberg of Hungary, act to aid them?




What happened to him?



6. What was the reaction of the US State Department toward the Holocaust? Timeline at PBS




7. Which US President forcibly removed people from their homes, imprisoned them in camps
and then forced them to walk 800 miles through winter?

What people did he mistreat?

How many died?


What proportion of their population died?


Where these actions justified?


8. The Civil Liberties Act of 1988 gave reparations to surviving Japanese Americans along with a formal apology.
Explain the circumstances and why this was appropriate.


9. Elie Wiesel was awarded a Nobel Prize in 1986. Which prize?


For what work was he awarded the prize?


10. According to Elie Wiesel, what is more threatening to humankind than hate?


How is it more threatening?


11. What was the largest ghetto in Europe? (Research the answer)


Describe it.

How many people were confined there?


How did the people resist their mistreatment?


12. What were the goals of the Holocaust badges?



13. One girl in the book got false papers identifying her as Aryan. What did that mean?
Look it up at


14. Mr. Wiesel survived captivity at Auschwitz. How many did not survive?
Use your online research skills to locate the answer.


15. George Santayana said, "Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it."
Name another country or leader who was accused of war crimes or genocide.



* Nazis called the Jews names. They excluded them from society. They tormented them.

How does this compare with the society at your school?

Do bullies call kids names?

Do they exclude kids from groups?

Do they torment them?

Most importantly, what do you do when you see this kind of barbaric behavior?



* Is this book an example of narrative, persuasive or informative writing?

* Complete the Heroes essay

* Compare the treatment of the Holocaust victims with treatment of the Native Americans
during the expansion of the United States.


We Remember Them | Preserving History When Survivors Are No More

USHMM - US Holocaust Museum Memorial | Voices of the Holocaust

America's response to the Holocaust | A Class Divided - compelling program about prejudice in an American 3rd grade.

"If you save the life of one person, it is as if you saved the world entire." - Jewish Proverb

"There must be on this planet at least one person who needs you. One person you can help," Elie Wiesel said. "Don't turn away; help."

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