New Year Celebrations Comparison Diagram

One way to learn more about the people of the world is to explore traditions. By organizing information we can identify similarities and differences.

Compare your country's or culture's New Year(s) celebrations with another culture by constructing a diagram like the one on the right.

You should use a variety of resources, including primary sources, to gather facts about different New Year traditions.

organizational chart

Consider a diagram that compares butterflies and moths. Note the structure. All the similarities are listed in the center of the chart. The differences are listed in columns on each side.

1. Gather the facts on scrap paper, a notebook, a Google notebook, in a text doc. (txt) or word processing document(s).
These web resources will be helpful in finding facts about New Year celebrations of other cultures.

New Year Traditions / New Year's Day / Multicultural Calendar

Korean New Year / Japanese New Year / Pakistani New Year

2. Make the diagram in a Draw or Word Processing program using the rounded rectangle, line, and text tools.
Word - View..Tool bars..Drawing.

Add at least 12 facts total in the columns.

Center the text frames in each rounded rectangle. Center the 4 titles.
Use 1pt or 2pt weight settings for the lines.

Double chek your speling and keyboardign fro inadvertent errors in entry. ;-)

Coloring rules: Use pale background colorings in the rectangles. Remember that your audience
must be able to read the information.

Example: When you use yellow colored text on a white background - no one can read it.

Be always at war with your vices, at peace with your neighbors,
and let each new year find you a better man. ~Benjamin Franklin

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