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The Role of News Reporting and public forums in History

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1. Read the article "Do Newspapers Have a Future?" Time Sep. 25, 2006.

What resource do you use for news?


What traits about that resource makes it the "go to" news place for you?


If you wanted to get out the word regarding an event or issue, which resource(s) would you use?

What are the advantages of those resources?

What are their disadvantages?


Public forums and various media, have played a critical role in many issues in our nation's history.
Select an issue.
Describe the role of the press and public forums including: letters to the editor, newsletters,
blogs and web sites, in the outcome of the debate.

Women's suffrage | Bill of Rights | War for Independence | Repeal of the Pennsylvania Legislator's pay raise 2005
| 2004 Presidential Election | Temperance | Civil Rights Movement | Adoption of the Constitution of 1789 | Pentagon Papers
| Watergate |
Internet Neutrality | Space Program


"A free press is not a privilege, but an organic necessity in a great society."
Walter Lippmann, the 20th-century American columnist


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