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Put it in writing - Journalism

Based on the novel Nothing But the Truth A Documentary Novel by Avi

Select a role and write a response for that role.

You are the editor of the student newspaper at Harrison High School.
Write an editorial regarding the morning announcements policy.


You are a reporter for the school newspaper.
Write an sports article focused on the upcoming track season that reports on Philip Malloy not participating.


You are the editor of the teacher's newsletter for the union at Harrison High School.
Write an article regarding the policy of changing homerooms to accommodate spring extracurriculars.


You are the editor of the Manchester Record.
Write a pre election editorial regarding the vote on the school district's budget.


You are the editor of the Manchester Record.
Write an editorial regarding free speech rights.


You are the education beat reporter for the Manchester Record.
Write an article regarding this situation at the high school. Remember: as a reporter you strive to be even handed and provide supplemental facts that enlighten readers on the issues.


You are a student at Harrison High School.
Write a letter to the editor regarding student free speech rights.


gold star Real life example: Fighting for Free Speech in Schools Time magazine May 2007 | Court Rules 6/25/07

"Censorship in Public Schools" Honorable Mention Winner StudentCam video at CSPAN

Design a PowerPoint™ presentation of the story elements

Patriotism | How are the funding decisions made? | Writing response opinion or article | Student Handbook rules | Privacy at school

Finding the Truth | Mini Guide for the book | Resources


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