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How are the Funding Decisions Made?

Based on the novel Nothing But the Truth A Documentary Novel by Avi

English teacher, Margaret Narwin, applies to the district for money to attend a course. In her application,
she argues it will help her update her teaching. Her request is denied due to limited funds and other spending
priorities in the district. She feels angry and resents the decision.

How should a leader or a group decide how funds will be distributed within the group?

1. Name some groups that make decisions about how funds are distributed or used.


2. Brainstorm 5 different methods of deciding how the money can be distributed.

Which method is the most equitable?

Which is the easiest for the person who makes the decision?

Which method places the goals or needs of the whole group or organization first?

Which is most likely to put the needs or desires of the individuals, first?

Which way would be the most democratic?

Which method addresses critical priorities?


Examine reality:

Many groups regularly make these kind of decisions. These groups include: Charities, Civic Groups, Churches,
Clubs, Governments, School Boosters/PTO's and more.

Examine this issue:
"United Way roster miffs cut agencies", The Daily Item, Jan 3, 2008.

Student Council

How does your student council decide the dollars distribution?

What happens if there is a conflict or disagreement within the group?



How should financial decisions be made in a family?



Ask a sibling, parent or grandparent how this is/was done in their workplace or an organization they belong to.



When you are the leader of a group, which method of deciding how to distribute
the organization's funds will you use and why?



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