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Student Handbook Presentation

Based on the novel Nothing But the Truth A Documentary Novel by Avi

Coach Jamison talks with Philip Malloy about being on the track team. One of the school's rules for being in extracurriculars is that the student must be passing their classes. Philip says he was unaware of this rule. Coach Jamison reminds Philip it is in the student handbook.

1. Have you received a copy of the student handbook?

If you do not have a printed handbook, what other kinds of resources are provided so you find out the rules of the school?


What is the most effective way for the school to communicate the rules to the students?


The student handbook has many summaries of school board policies.
Where can you access the entire policy as approved by the School Board?


2. In the story, Philip tells the coach he does not believe anyone reads the handbook.

a. Have you read your school's student handbook?


b.What percentage of your class has read a part of it? Most or all of it?


3. Philip is excluded from track due to poor grades.

a. What are the rules for participating in extracurriculars at your school?


b. How are the rules enforced?


c. Are these rules the same for all extracurricular and athletics activities?


d. Who establishes these rules?


e. If you wanted to change one of the rules, what should you do?


f. How do the rules for extracurriculars support the goals set out for offering extracurriculars at your school?


II Presentation - Select a section of your school's student handbook.

Create an engaging, multimedia presentation to highlight the important content of the section. Consider using digital photos, video, socially appropriate songs, and slide presentation to convey your message.

Helpful hints: Aristotle's Top 10 PowerPoint Tips, | Image as message | iMovie tutorial

Photo Story 3 - free download from Microsoft that lets you easily create narrated "mini-movies" using photographs. It has a built in music generator that allows you to put your story to music, copyright free. Tutorial, another Tutorial posted on Youtube


III Essays

a. Some people assert that extracurriculars encourage students to do better work in school.
Others claim that school sponsored extracurricular activities "keep kids off the streets and out of trouble".
Do you agree with either of these statements? Explain.


b. Ignorance is bliss - Should individuals be accountable for rules that they did not know existed?



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