US Dollar symbol Money Internet Scavenger Hunt by Cindy O'Hora

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As you work through the hunt, you will read many synonyms for the word money. Write them in the Synonym Challenge section at the end of the hunt.

Take the Tour of Bills Showcase. Find the answers to the following 7 questions.

1.What was the value of the paper money printed by Benjamin Franklin?



2. Name the man responsible for the rule that a person must be dead before they can appear on our money. Why was the law passed?



3. Name two real women who have appeared on United States currency.



4. What North American animal is depicted on the Legal Tender Note? What was his name?



5. What is wrong with the $5 Silver Certificate of 1899?




6. You are cleaning out your Grandma's dresser and find a ten dollar bill with Hawaii stamped on the back. Explain this.



7. What will the paper money of the future be like?




8. The motto "E Pluribus Unum" appears on most United States currency. Who authored it? What does it mean?




9. Why did the Colonists use barter rather than currency?



What did they use to pay debts?


What item could kids use for barter? Explain your choice.



10.What is a commemorative coin? State one that is in circulation today.



11. List some of the steps taken to protect our money from counterfeiting.

12. Name the government agency responsible for printing our money.



13. Use this site to explore money from another country.

Which continent did you choose?

Which country?

What was the name and denomination of the currency you selected?


Compare or contrast it with United States currency in circulation today. List 5 points.




14. The first American Coin video - the story behind the coins.

Give another example os the meaning of the word "bit" that is related to measuring. What does it mean in that context?


Synonym Challenge: Write all the synonyms you know for the word money.



It is legal to harness an Internet based resource to enhance your list. Hmmm ... where would you look for synonyms?

Career Considerations - What do we call a person who works with money? (Use your online research skills to find the answer)


The US Department of Labor predicts the need for people in different fields of work in the Occupational Outlook Handbook.
What do they predict to be the need for people in the money related jobs?

Select a field/job - What kind of training or education is needed for the job?

"The safest way to double your money is to fold it over and put it in your pocket." - Kin Hubbard

Done Already? Excellent

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