The Internet based Literature Hunt project

Craft page in Word Processing.

Directions for making hunt in Word Processing:

1. Collect ideas for questions as you read.

2. Make a word processing document with the questions.

After each question, put the page number from the book or short story.

3. Paste the correct web address for finding the answer.

Hint - Avoid typing long web addresses. It is easy to make a mistake. Your hunt links won't work if there are typing errors in the address. Copy the URL - web page address in the location bar. I like to triple click to select the whole address without trying to drag across a long address to highlight/select it.

4. Return once after the question and address.

Write the answer to the question.

5. Save after completing each question set. I hate losing my work. You will, too.

6. The hunt must have a title and your name at the top.

The word processing page is part of your project grade. Be sure you have edited the final copy. Consult teh rubric. are you on track to ace this project?

 Save this document to you class folder or print this document as directed.

Convert to a web page


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