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1. There, their and they're are words that get mixed up quite a bit. Take the challenge Word Choice exercise #1.
How many times did you use them correctly?


2. Puzzled about whether to use who or whom? Sometimes I am, too.
Write a brief explanation.




Now take the Quiz on who versus whom . Document your score here.____________


3. Oxymorons - What is an oxymoron? List your favorite 3.



4. Personification - What is it?


Describe a book you are currently reading or an activity you are doing, using personification.


5. List three homophones. What is a homophone?




6. Find the meaning of these Acronyms -









7. Draft is one prodigious homonym! How many meanings are listed?


Write one meaning you have used in conversation or writing.



8. Try the online challenge - Antonym Millionaire.


Your assignment is to write a poem using 10 antonyms. You have no ideas. What resource(s) could you use to find antonyms?


9. When would a writer use onomatopoeia?



10. Discover for yourself.
When you were younger, you learned things about the world through discovery. You drew conclusions from what you observed.
A good example is a light switch. You "discovered" that this bumpy thing on the wall could turn the ceiling light on or off.
You came to this finding by "playing with the switch".

Read the sentences carefully. Then answer the question. What is alliteration?



"Eureka! " Craft a sentence that is rich in alliteration.

"The reading of all good books is like a conversation with the finest minds of past centuries." Rene Descartes

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