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Computer Themes Internet Hunt Activities created by Cindy O'Hora

The Internet is an enormous collection of answers. The challenge is to find them. Completing an internet hunt will develop your web browsing skills. You will learn lots of interesting stuff. You will harness powerful web site tools like databases to obtain fresh information. You will use this data to answer challenging, thinking required questions. Oh, what fun! Before you begin, broaden your web browsing skills by checking out my tips on Getting Back.

How to Use: Create a link from your class/school web page to this index page or to the individual hunt page. OR Bookmark this site. OR You can type the address of a hunt page in the browser location bar. Answer forms: Do the Digital Answer Format OR Print the hunt for an answer sheet. OR Use the printer friendly worksheets. OR Have the students number down a lined sheet of paper. OR Consult the Make your own answer form how to.

tree icon Save a tree - use a Digital Answer Format - Highlight the text. Copy it. Paste it in a word processing document. Save the document in your folder. Answer on the word processing document in a contrasting color (not yellow) or font (avoid Symbol, blackmore, brodfont dear or other ornate artistic fonts). Save frequently as you work. Enter your name and the date in the header, of the document. Submit your document via electronic dropbox or email attachment. Bad things happen. Save a copy of your work on your computer.

Goldilocks Web tip: You can easily adjust your view of the text on a page. If you think the words are too small: Safari - Go: View .. Make Text bigger or Mac - hold down the command key command key and press the + key (plus sign) or Windows use Ctrl & + key. Firefox - Go: View .. Text Size. Conversely, if you think it is too big do the same, but choose smaller or Mac command key .. - (minus sign) or Windows: Ctrl .. - minus sign key. Get your view .. just right!

Science - 60
Computer and Technology Themed Activities:

Computer Scavenger Hunt - terms, history, facts. revised 11/2012

Computer Scavenger Hunt 2

Are you 21st Century Literate?

Basics of the Internet - 4th up

About the Internet ms/hs

Balancing Privacy and Security - Datamining

Binary Language Activity

Bloggez- vous? Should you build a blog?

Cars - Individual Privacy, Public Safety and Justice

Collaborations online & Networking power (wiki)

Collaborations & Networking working with these tools (wiki)

Computer Insides-Out Hunt

Consider the Power of Possibilities through Andreessen's eyes

Considering Systems and Controls

Constitution - Privacy and the Digital Age

Database = Power

space Database Internet Hunt

space Harnessing online databases1

space Harnessing online databases 2

space Database Organization

space Database Vocabulary Activity

space Make Your Own Database

Digital - Discerning Fake and Real Photos - Why does it matter to you?

Digital Science Journal Activity

Copyright Issues Hunt food for thought and action

eGovernment - Expectations & Evaluations

Email Savvy Internet Hunt

GIS - Understanding and Using

Google Books a virtual library - explore issues

Google Search - try the special features

GPS - harnessing new technology

Innovators in Computing Hunt

Internet - Actions can have lasting consequences

Lunar Society and the Homebrew Computer Club UTD 2/2023

Make your own Literature based Internet Hunt

Make your own Country or State Fact Hunt

Make a vocabulary puzzle

MP3 - the good and the ugly

Net Neutrality - What is it? Why does it matter?

Podcasts - getting information via the Internet Activity utd 1/09

Problem/Project based activities

Thinking Process through - writing a process

Small Pieces, Loosely Joined activity - explores an ebook about the web

Spreadsheet tips and tricks hunt

Transparency Essay ms/hs

Technology education links

Web 2.0 and You - digital lifestyle discussion

Word Processing Hunt new and improved.


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Preparing Your Daughter or Son for the Next Century

Terms of Use: I am providing some of the hunts in PDF. You'll need a free pdf program to use them like Adobe Acrobat Reader. You may print the pdf copy for an answer sheet. Using Mac OSX.

Alternative answer forms: Or Print the hunt web page(s) for an answer sheet or use the printer friendly worksheets, or have the students number down a lined sheet of paper.

Make your own answer form how to

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