The Adventures of Ulysses Internet Hunt
This hunt is based on the book The Adventures of Ulysses by Bernard Evslin

Directions: Use the links provided to find the answers to the questions. Enter the answer on your answer sheet.
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1. Give the present day names for the three seas Ulysses sails in the story. (hint: checkout the map)


2. Greek ships called triremes had 3 decks of oars.
If Ulysses asked you to pitch in on rowing the ship, what determined where you would sit?


Compare this seating rule to the rule(s) used by another organization that determines where you sit. (Hint: Church, bus, theatre, cafeteria)


3. The story of Ulysses is about one agon after another. What is an agon?


4. How was the lotus important in daily life in ancient Egypt?


5. Polyphemus, the cyclops, lived on what island?


Is this a real or a fictitious place?

6. The god Poseidon is a central character in the story.
Why was he important to the ancient Greeks? (Thinking required.)


7. What is another name for Circe? While you are here check out the pronunciation.


8. Hermes helps Ulysses by giving him a plant called moly to protect him from Circe.
Many things in the story are fiction.
Is there really such a plant? (Use your Internet research skills to find the answer.)

Name two plant relatives to Allium Moly



9. Ulysses travels to the Land of the Dead to get advice. How do the burial practices of the ancient Greeks differ from yours?
(Choose an appropriate link to find the answer.) Which god rules the Land of the Dead?


10. The crew binds Ulysses to the mast using a hawser to protect him from the call of the Sirens.
What is a hawser? Google search engine has a built in dictionary feature. Enter define:hawser.


11. Throughout his journey Ulysses longs for Ithaca.
What does Ithaca symbolize?


12. The original tale of Ulysses was called The Odyssey.

It was not a novel, but rather an ____________ _____________.


13. When Ulysses battles Charybdis and Scylla he enters a strait so narrow you could shoot an arrow over it.
What is the name of that strait in Sicily? (Look it up)


14. Charybdis creates a whirlpool. But what really causes whirlpools?


What natural forces actually cause the one off the coast of Sicily?


15. King Alcinous of Phaeacia consults an oracle and gets dire news.
Give two synonyms for the word oracle.



16. Ulysses manages to get home after the intervention of Athene who is the goddess of .....



17. Does Ulysses have hubris? Look up the meaning and decide.


Identify a contemporary leader. Compare the hubris of their leadership with that of Ulysses.


18. Evaluate: Was Ulysses a philanderer?



19. By your definition of hero, was Ulysses a hero? Support your answer with a plethora of examples.



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