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The Internet - Basics
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1. What is the Internet?


2. Important terms you need to know to sound cool, to follow directions like "go to the web site's home page",
and to be good at surfing the Net. (If you already know the answer, Excellent! Write it.)

a. What is a web site?


b. What is a home page?


c. You are likely using a web browser to view this web page.
What is a browser? Name three.



d. What is the home page of the browser you are using to do this activity? (Careful!)


3. Use the info on this Internet Bee's web page to help you answer the question.

Write the title that appears on the title bar, of this activity's web page.


4. Write the names of the first four icons in the Tool Bar. Read what each one will do.



TAI (think about it) Read each problem. Underline the Tool Bar icon you would use.

a. You are reading a cool story in an ebook online. It mentions a person you do not remember being in the story.
You would like to scan the previous web page.

arrow You click: Back | Forward | Refresh | Stop


b. Your cursor is spinning and spinning, but nothing is appearing on the web page.

arrowYou click: Back | Forward | Refresh | Stop



c. The web page opens, but there are little question marks where some images do not appear.
You also notice the words stop in the middle of a sentence.

browser tool bar

arrow You click: Back | Forward | Refresh | Stop

d. You backed up 3 pages to check out an interesting photo of a starfish.
Now you want to return to the page you were on BEFORE you surfed to the starfish page.

browser tool bar

arrow You click: Back | Forward | Refresh | Stop



5. An important part of your web browser is the address bar. It tells you the address of the page you are viewing.
Some people, who make web sites, use addresses that have words. Some use addresses with all numbers.
Some blend numbers and letters together. (Kind of like your address for your house.)

What is the web address called?


What is the acronym (Initials) for this?


If a web site's url ended in the extension gov. what would you expect it to be about?


If the URL ended with com. it might be related to -


A URL that read would likely be about -


Write the URL for your school or your State's official web site. What is the extension of their URL?


URL's are one form of URI's (Uniform Resource Identifier)

6. Hyperlinks and hotlinks help you navigate the Web.

What clues tell you text is a hyperlink? (3)


If you click on this word hyperlink - nothing happens. That is because it is not linked.
I underlined the word and added the same color as the linked words.
Not all underlined words and not all colored words are linked. You know a word is linked if the cursor changes to a hand.

It can be confusing when some words that are not colored and not underlined ARE linked. Look for the cursor change.

bill of rights

Some images - pictures are linked. You might guess this because there is a colored border around it.

The color often matches the color of the hyperlinked words on the page.
(Not all linked images have a colored border.)

Click on the image. Use you web surfing tools and know how to get you back here.

Not all links are to another web page. Some links are within pages. We call them anchors.
They speed you to a specific paragraph or section or back to the top. up or up arrow


7. Take some notes about Finding things - Search.


Write one helpful tip for searching online.


8. Why should you "Post to be Private" in social networking sites? (Youtube video)



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*FYI - Do you have a computer acronym you would like to understand? Find it at The Acronym Server

*What do the following acronyms mean?





TAI - (Think about it) Write your personal acronym

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