Computer Maintenance Internet Scavenger Hunt

Unless your computer is in its box, it is getting dirty. Dust and lint accumulate all over it.
Add to this the fingerprints on the screen and gunk on the keyboard keys. Regular cleaning is useful. This scavenger hunt activity will
get you started.
Wash your hands BEFORE you start computing to save yourself a lot of work later.

Directions: Use the links provided to find the answers to the questions. Use a bookmark of this hunt to speed your return to this hunt page. When you finish the activity you can delete the bookmark.

1. Your computer's cursor is not going where you drag it. Before you reinstall the whole system, clean your mouse.

Write the steps here:







2. Keyboards can really get gunky. List the tools you will need to clean a computer keyboard.


Which keys should you avoid removing when cleaning a keyboard? Why?


Crisis containment.
Your friend spills a drink on to your keyboard.
What should you do?



3. Flat Panel LCDs - Name two things you should never use to clean a flat panel LCD screen.


Which parts of the monitor should you clean?




4. A dirty CD may not run properly. Write the important things to know about cleaning a CD.




5. What is appropriate standard maintenance on your hard drive?



What is a potential consequence of not doing them?


6. What should you NOT DO when cleaning a notebook computer?


7. Write two DOs and two DON'Ts of DVD care or handling. Second source of info



8. Watch this video Make Your Own Ethernet Cable

List three other technology related topics that should be covered using this format.


9. Look into this powerful idea: You would not leave a faucet running constantly in case you want to wash your hands.
Consider the costs of leaving a computer on all the time. The cost of electricity

How Much Juice Is Your Computer Using at Night? | Greening your computer usage

“PCs are not hurt by turning them on and off a few times a day,” said Jonathan Koomey, a project scientist at the
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. “Economic obsolescence is much more dangerous to PCs than turning them on and off.”

What do you conclude should be done? Leave it on / turn it off

Estimate the number of computers your school has.
How much would your school save on electricity by turning the computers all off at night?


Extra: What is the problem of e-waste?


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