American Visual Artists Internet Activity

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1. Some painters specialize in still lifes. Others paint landscapes.
What did Norman Rockwell paint?


Explore this exhibit of his Four Freedoms. Select one image. How is it still relevant to you today?



2. What media did Ansel Adams use? What was his topic?


3. What is unusual about Robert Simthson's Spiral Jetty?



4. Fredrick Remington worked in several genres. This National Gallery of Art online exhibit explores his paintings.
Describe the painting The Hungry Moon.



5. Explore one of these paintings by Jacob Lawrence.

What is the title?

What is the theme?

How does he convey it to the viewer?


Write one fact about his life that influenced his work.



6. Matthew Brady embraced a new media and using it preserved history.
Name his media. List 3 historically important individuals featured.




7. Select an artist from this list of Native American artists.

Write the artist's name:

What media did they use?

Describe the object they created.


8. He is considered one of America's greatest artists. Controversy surrounded some of Thomas Eakins' work.




9. The Wyeth family has contributed a wealth of work to the American art scene.
Select 2 Wyeths from those chronicled on this web site.

Use your online research skills to find one of their works that is exhibited online.

Name of artist:

Title of work:

What do you like about the work?


Name of artist:

Title of work:

How does the artist use light in the work?


10. Select an American artist from the Art Institute collection.

Name the artist

Title of work

What emotion does the work evoke?


11. Mary Cassatt's most frequent subjects were ____________________________________.

She is an example of an ______________________________ style painter.


12. William Sidney Mount sends a message with this painting.
What message do you interpret from the painting?



Look into the photography of Margaret Bourke-White


Examine the work of Ellsworth Kelly


Explore the online exhibition of Fritz Scholder


Dig into the artistry of Paul Revere. (Yes the man on the horse in 1775)


“I have been impressed with the urgency of doing. Knowing is not enough; we must apply.
Being willing is not enough; we must do.” Leonardo da Vinci


Visit the Guggenheim and check out an exhibit. "Declaration of Independence"
National Gallery of Art "Washington Crossing the Delaware"
Art Resource Works of Art in the US Capitol Complex
Norman Rockwell Museum activity The National Statuary Hall Collection
Inside Art: An Art History Internet Hunt Mystery Object Challenge
National Museum of the American Indian online exhibits Words from Art and Illustrations
Smithsonian American Art Museum Descriptive Writing using a work of Art
Watchful Eye: The Bryce Forum Gallery - digital art Winter Scene Writing
Pennsylvania Artists Activity What's in a Picture? An Introduction to Subject in the Visual Arts

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