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Habitat Showcase - Outside In

We bring the habitat garden in to our school through showcase displays. On a regular basis the showcase focuses on a specific habitat topic. One display was called Decisions. It focused on bird nests and nesting behavior.

There are fun facts.

Did you know that bald eagles in Florida hold the record for the world's largest nest?

Some bird's nest in colonies like purple martins. Wrens build several different nest in a summer but use only one.

You can see photos of many different nests like a Baltimore Oriole's hanging nest and loon sitting on a wet, muddy nest.

There are a wide variety of nesting materials and actual nests shown. One nest on display had string, hair, yarn, and even a rubber band woven in it.

Photo of the habitat showcase called decisions. It taught students about nests

The Decisions showcase.

The showcase is created by parent habitat volunteer Cindy O'Hora. She also made a bird nest crossword puzzle for the students. It reinforced the concepts and facts.


The current theme is about Bobwhite, Woodcock, Wild Turkey, Ruffed Grouse and the importance of natural edges.

Previous showcase topics included: Monarch Butterflies, Bluebirds, Seeds, Insects, Fungus among us, Butterflies and Moths, Owls & Bats.

Future topics include: Surviving the Winter, Birds of Pa, Mammals of Pa, Hummingbirds, & Wildflowers of the Meadow.

We thank the North Museum of Lancaster and Curator Brad Smith for generously loaning us actual specimens to enhance the displays.


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 posted 12/99 by C. O'Hora

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