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Moths and Butterflies Crossword Puzzle by Cindy O'Hora

To view this puzzle, you need a Java-enabled browser and to be connected to the Internet to receive the Crossword.class Java applet code.

Directions: The blue colored square is the one where the letter will be typed. If it changes to yellow when you type a letter, then you are right. If it turns red, then you are incorrect. Use the cursor to move from one word to another. Or let the puzzle do it automatically. The current clue is in blue at the top of the puzzle. All the clues are given at the bottom.

To view this puzzle, you need a Java-enabled browser and to be onnected to the Internet to receive the Crossword.class Java applet code.

3 Family with tiny string on hindwings 1 Family of butterflies that appear to have only 4 legs
5 A person who studies butterflies 2 Caterpillar has large fake eyes
8 Moth that has a cocoon with bits of plant matter on it 4 Butterflies get minerals here
9 Family of butterflies with fat hairy bodies 6 Female swallowtail butterfly that is black with no red or orange spots
10 Where legs and wings are attached to body 7 Adult butterfly food
12 Butterflies have these on wings 9 Swallowtail with red spots on wings
14 Butterfly that is brown on top and blue beneath 11 Black with orange and copper like a penny.
18 Long sucking tube 13 Large moth with big black circles on wings
21 Milkweed is its host plant 15 Yellow male butterfly with black stripes
22 Flies mainly at night 16 Body part after thorax
23 A plant that caterpillars eat 17 Kind of caterpillars that can destroy trees by eating all the leaves
25 Butterfly whose caterpillar eats broccoli and cabbage 19 First butterflies of spring yellow, orange, or white
20 Family whose front two legs are useless for walking
24 Butterflies life cycle begins with this

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Posted 3/2000 / Updated 5/2008 by Cynthia J. O'Hora
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