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Wetland EcoStudy unit - Wetlands photos

I took these photos in Central Pennsylvania and Virginia. Students may use them for projects and presentations.
Click on each image to see a larger version. Download the image to your computer by dragging it to your desktop. Then
Now add it to your project. Thanks! Do not link to the image here. Another set of royalty free photos

Project proposals:

1. Identify a photo that shows each type of wetland landscape. See Wetland Landscape key.

2. Select an image. Evaluate the environment shown. What kinds of plants & wildlife would benefit from it? It is good for people because....?
How might it be changed to improve its impact on the ecosystem?

3. Select an image. Which species of plants and animals would you anticipate finding there?


bufflehead ducks
Bufflehead ducks on pond near condos Williamsburg, VI

Flood control levee Susquehanna River bank in winter

swan pong
Swan on local pond

Foam appears at edge of stream

trash along stream
Trash thrown from vehicles litters stream bank

flood plains susquehanna river
Flood plain along Susquehanna River in Northumberland County, PA

Private pond outside Mansfield, Tioga County, PA

ciggarette butts along roadside
Cigarette butts discarded along road next to creek

black ground from recent flood
Ground blackened by recent flood waters.

More royalty free photos1 | photos 2 | Photos 3 | Photos 4

waterfowl preserve
Wildfowl preserve at marsh along Rte 204 Penn Township, Snyder County

Algae in polluted ooze. Standing water Adam T. Bower Park, PA.

canada geese flock
Canada Geese flock in parking lot

Ducks on pond Williamsburg, VI

fountain pond Williamsburg, VI
Geese on bank of manmade pond with fountain

Turtle in pond at National Zoo, Washington D.C.

cherry blossoms
Cherry blossoms floating in pool Jefferson Memorial. Wash. D.C.

vernal pool
Vernal Pool in woods beside road Central PA.

Wetland woods

You may also use photos in the Lentic or Lotic Ecosystem project.

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