Just Ducky - a puzzle about ducks

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4 Lining of many nests 1 Eats mostly fish, long, thin, pointy bill
7 Sky blue bill with white chin and black head, Red, brown body 2 Move quickly so you wonŐt be hit by something
8 Brown head with white neck into breast area long, pointed tail feathers. 3 Duck covering
9 Brown flattened head, canvas colored upper back 5 White crown with green on head. Steals food
12 Smallest duck in N.A. blue and green patches on wings 6 Duck bottoms up reaches with head under water for lunch
15 Huge black bill, green head, black, white and red body 10 Blue patch on wing white bar on face
17 Has sharp claws on webbed feet for perching in trees 11 Ducks born from these
18 Being born from eggs 13 Home for babies
21 Female nests in hole in tree in same place each year 14 Head, neck, chest, back black, tiny white triangle patch on chin
23 Kind of animal ducks are 16 Small merganser has black crest with large white patch saw-bill
25 Nests in trees or occasionally sand banks 19 Many ducks nest here
26 Feet for swimming are adapted by being 20 Lays very large eggs for size of mother bird
27 Duck mouth or a note to pay 22 Baby duck
28 True or False - All ducks quack 24 Duck found in many bath tubs
29 Ducks move from one place to another far away by
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posted 2002 by Cindy O'Hora updated 9/2005