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Fields: Name, address, phone, grade, gender, school, teacher/advisor, project name, category. Other data: Entry date, fee paid, paper work received, ranking or award.

Step 9. Making the database. Creating Fields. Number

Why a fee paid number format?

I plan to have my database add up all the paid fees to give me a total amount collected. In order to calculate this, I set it to number field type. Although it is possible to calculate nonnumber data, doing so is a much more complex process. (see calc button data)

To resume adding fields:

1. Go: Layout .. Define Fields

2. Enter Fee paid in the Field Name.

3. Change the Field type to Number. Click Create.

4. Click Options

5. Leave Automatically Enter blank

6. We could harness the must be in a range feature. By setting it one cent below and one cent above the actual fee, we'll cause the computer to prompt us if we accidentally make an entry error. $200 instead of $20, for example.

7. Click OK

Formatting the Number field.

8. Go Layout .. Layout

I suggest leaving automatically enter blank. I will use data entry in this field as an indication that the fee was paid as well as the amount.

If it auto entered, then it would appear that everyone had paid when that was not the case.

Every event I have ever organized required some flexibility about registration. People call at the last minute wanting to be included. Or you decide to let a few folks in on a complimentary basis. Worst of all you get, "The check is in the mail".

Number Format box

9. Double click on the feed paid box so that it is selected. This will open the Number format box.

10. Click the bullet for Currency. Click OK. Doing this will set the computer to enter the dollar sign and decimal point 00 cents to the number entered. This makes data entry easier and ensures a consistent format.

11. Go Layout .. Browse to return to the Browse view of the database.

Next - Harness the Summary field to get a total across records.


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