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Fields: Name, address, phone, grade, gender, school, teacher/advisor, project name, category. Other data: Entry date, fee paid, paper work received, ranking or award.

Step 8. Making the database. Creating Fields. Checkbox

Why a Checkbox?

We should always use computer features to decrease the amount of redundant keyboarding that is necessary. Additionally, having this field will simplify sorting to see who has complied with the directions.

To resume adding fields:

1. Go : Layout .. Define Fields

2. Enter Forms returned in the Field Name.

3. Change the Field type to Checkbox. Click Create.

4. Click Options

5. Set the label as you desire.

6. Default Value - unclick the Initially checked box.

7. Click OK

8. Click Create.

9. Save your database.

I suggest unclicking the box Default Value. This setting requires the data entry person decide if the forms are back or not.

If it were left checked, you could just jump through the record without making a choice.

A good example of an important form would be a media consent release form or a parental consent form. It would critical that the data entry person verified the form was indeed returned.

Perhaps you disagree. Fine. Leave it checked.

More about Checkbox in my Database site

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