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Fields: Name, address, phone, grade, gender, school, teacher/advisor, project name, category (I'll explain this one when we make this field). Other data: Entry date, fee paid, paper work received, ranking or award.

Step 6. Making the database. Creating Fields. Date

Sometimes your field's data is easily entered by the computer. A date entry is a good example. It is a good practice to date your entries. The computer is more than willing to fill the field itself. It seems to me that we ought to let it. ;-)

Why is this an issue?

We should always use computer features to decrease the amount of redundant keyboarding that is necessary. Additionally, typos or inconsistent format can result in records not sorting correctly or being excluded in finds and reports.

By making the field a Date field you give the entry person a break.

This would also allow you to track participants over several years.

To resume adding fields:

1. Go : Layout .. Define Fields

2. Enter Entry date in the Field Name.

3. Change the Field type Popup menu to Date. Click Create.

4. Click Options

date field options box


5. Choose the Current Date bullet to have the computer date stamp each record with the day you create the record.

6. As an alternative, you might elect to enter just the year. Enter it in the Automatically Enter:

7. Click OK.

8. Save your database. command key symbol .. s

Leave the Verification Settings blank.

Click on the ? icon (at the bottom left corner of the dialog box) to explore the options and settings.

When would I use this?

Harnessing this feature would allow me to track returning participants.

Another example is dated registrations come in handy if there are too many people or if you set a fixed entry due date.

Our School Board wondered how many kdg registrations usually come in April, in May, in June. This is easily answered by a date stamped registration database. Sadly, they had not done that. They could not provide the information.

Collectors may find this helpful to easily identify how many items they have purchased this month, quarter, or year.

More about Dates in my Database site

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