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Importing one database into another

Database Ideas

Database in class

Database Graduation Project

Databases for Kids

Here are some suggestions for databases you could make with kids.

1. I have a bunch. Baseball cards, matchbox trucks even rocks can be a great start

2. Music cds or Movies VHS and DVD. What a great gift for parents that kids can make.

3. Reading. Being able to add records may motivate kids to read. Walk them through making a database to record the books they read. Include a number field for pages read. Be sure to have a summary field to SUM totals of pages read.

4. A family database that includes birthdays of extended family members would be a great gift.

5. Lego sets or collectable dolls can also be good basic start for a database.

6. Spelling list. Enter weekly lists. Have the kids input their weekly grade. They could use Summary to calculate their overall spelling grade for the year.

7. Put all Mom or Dad's favorite family recipes in a database.

8. Computer Vocabulary Database

Database Ideas

Database in class

Database - Graduation Project

Database - Vocabulary

Database - Organizing

Database Quiz

Watch - Delicious Library - a program that helps you track your book and music collections. What kind of software is this? Name the database it utilizes.


Science Fair Handbook

Database Internet Hunt

Harnessing Databases

Harnessing online databases 2

Database Activity - vocabulary

Database - organizing AppleWorks database tips


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