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Step 13. Using your database - Now what can we do with this database?

How many entrants? This is reflected in the total number of records shown in the Grey bar on the left hand side of the database in Browse view.

Finding individual records / Find by dates / Find by First letter

Use Find to calculate how many girls versus boys participated. How many came from each school? How many from each grade? You'll be giving an impressive presentation for a school board and community.

Use Find to give a printed list of each school's participants to the appropriate principals.

Sorting tips - Sort by category and then grade. Now you can print a cleverly organized program for the event.

Sort and print separate lists easing registration

List View - looks like a spreadsheet

Mail Merging to preprinted certificates - an award giver's dream come true. We gave every one of the nearly 100 kids a certificate of participation.

Mail Merging to envelopes.

Making mailing labels

Labels - You can print name labels to use as name tags and to indicate to a participant their place to set up. If you sort them first, as I described above, they come out in set up friendly clusters.

Adding more fields - You might wish to add the parents/guardians names to the database.

Use a multimedia field to record a photo of each entrant with their project. You could add the photo to their certificate!

Changing the field tab order - We did not include a surname field. If you add it now, it will be at the end of the tab order. This can be acutely annoying. So fix it.

If you are craving to improve the appearance of your database with colors and graphics harness my database layout tips.

Isolate sub groups (girls who did biology projects) using criteria in a popup menu




The most damaging phrase in the language is,
"It's always been done that way." (Rear Admiral Grace Hopper)

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