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Fields: Name, address, phone, grade, gender, school, teacher/advisor, project name, category. Other data: Entry date, fee paid, paper work received, ranking or award.

Step 12. Sorting and Page view bring the summary to life.

To make the summary calculation visible you have two more steps.

First, sort the database. Then switch to Page View.

1. Go: Layout .. Browse

2. Go: Organize .. Sort records

3. A window opens that prompts you to select the field or fields that you want to sort by. To calculate, you must sort by the field used in the calculation. In this case, that is the Fee Paid field.

Sort Records box

4. Click on Fee Paid. Click the Move button. You will see that Fee Paid now also appears in the Sort Order: box.

5. Click OK. AppleWorks will sort the database.

If you had selected Last name .. It would alphabetize all the records by the last name. Since I left the ascending order bullet selected, it would have sorted A-Z. Descending Order would yield Z-A order.

If you chose Category - the database would be sorted gathering all the Biology entrants, then Chemistry entrants, then finally the Physics ones.

6. You should not see a change in the order of your records in this specific sort unless there are different fee amounts paid.

7. Go Window .. Page View.

8. Finally, there it is - the total of all fees paid. By leaving the database in Browse non Page view you "hide" the total. This can enhance privacy and allow people to enter data. To return it to non page view Go Window .. and unselect Page view.

9. Save your database

By the way: you can sort by additional criteria. I could have also selected Last name. Then the database would have put the entrants in alphabetical order AND calculated my summary. If I entered gender then last names sort would alphabetized the female entrants followed by the male.

You can easily remove a field from the sort criteria as well. Click on the field 's name in the Sort Order box. Click move. Zip Zap it is gone from the sort list!

Other calculations:

You could create a Summary field to SUM the Gender field

Now what can we do with this database?


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