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Fields: Name, address, phone, grade, gender, school, teacher/advisor, project name, category. Other data: Entry date, fee paid, paper work received, ranking or award.

Step 11. Making the database. Summary Fields

It can be disconcerting to successfully create a summary field, but then it appears to be missing when you drop back to your database. Have no fear. It is there. Let's make it visible.

1. Go : Layout .. Layout

2. Go Layout .. Insert Part

3. A window opens that has multiple options.

4. Select Trailing Grand Summary. Click OK.

5. You will return to the layout view of your database. At the bottom of the layout, you'll see a new bar added. It is labeled Grand Summary.

6. Go Layout .. Insert Field

7. A window will open showing those fields that can be inserted. Select Total Fees.

8. Drag the Total Fees label and the box for Total Fees into the area between the Body bar and the Grand Summary bar.

9. Save your database.

10. Go Layout .. Browse to return to the Browse view of the database.

Next - Sorting and Page view bring the summary to life.


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