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Database in AppleWorks by Cindy O'Hora

If you manage any collection of people or stuff, use these tips to get yourself organized.
These tips address: Creating, Finding and Sorting, Matching & Reporting, Labels & Mail merging, Summaries and Calculations, & Challenges.
The links do work in many of these pdf files.

Creating - making and refining

Building a basic database - getting started

Copy your database - how to

Fancy field work - making data entry easier!

Auto entry date field - Wouldn't it be loverly?

Layout - tweaking the appearance

Auto enter date when box is checked

Reordering a value list or popup menu

Radio button field - either - or

Adding a new field to an existing database

Radio buttons and calculating data.

Changing the field tab order - enter it your way

Database Quiz

New View / Tiling Windows - see what you are making

Multimedia Field - how to add movies and photos AW5

Adjusting the layout in database List view

Database Internet Hunt

Making a List view of just some of your fields.

Make Your own Database - tutorial updated 12/07

Finding & Sorting records

Using Find in database - stop that scrolling!

Sorting your database - easy as ABC

Find by dates in a range - Locate all the Aprils & Mays

Sort and print separate lists.

Finding nothing - not as silly as it sounds Omitting records
Find by first letter(s) or number(s) Hiding records to solve printing challenges
Finding anything using Match Reports - Sorts and Finds together
Match by criteria in popup menus  

Labels, Mail merging, Project ideas

Mail Merging to print individual envelopes

Projects using database

Mail Merging to preprinted certificates - an award giver's dream come true.

Integrating Database in a class - easy and meaningful

Making mailing labels in AW 6

Graduation Project ideas

Making redundant labels

Using IF function to solve mail merge challenge

Using partially used label sheets

Database & Pennsylvania Graduation Project ideas
Printing a whole database - Just say no!  


List layout excluding fields

Importing one database into another

Summary to calculate across records

Adding a button to a database - off site

Word processing to database - how to convert

Calculating age from Date of Birth field - at Apple's TIL

Integrating a database into a classroom Troubleshooting your database - at Apple's TIL

Harnessing online databases 1 exercise

Harnessing online databases 2 exercise

Educational Value of Database off site

Choosing the Right Database System off site

Database Activity - vocabulary Digital Edge Learning Interchange - K-12 lessons

Database - Organizing activity

Eliminating Duplicate records - at Apple's TIL
Common words AppleWorks database. My daughter spent hours creating this database. It has the 1000 most commonly used words in English, provided in 20 word subsets. You can use it to create custom spelling lists and tests. Directions included. Shareware $20! Contact me for info.

Best Practices of Technology Integration in Michigan K12 all subjects!

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