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Bloggez-vous? Should you build a blog?

The Pew Internet & American Life Project reports in 2006 that, "More than a third or 35% of online adults create content online, and 57% of teenagers 12-17 make their own content to post to the Web."

Sebastian wants to propose that the Student Council start a blog community for the high school.
Answer these questions to assist him in building his proposal.

1. Why should your student council establish an online community?



2. What can a blog do to enhance your school's educational goals and school community? Identify 5 advantages.


What need(s) would an online community fill for the student body?


What need(s) could a school's online community fill for the school's administration?


What need(s) could a school's online community fill for the local general public?



3. What online tool should the school use? What are the costs involved?



4. How will the blog be promoted to the students? in the district? in the community?



5. When you are developing a proposal, it is important to be prepared to address
concerns or objections that will be raised.

What are the negatives that will be raised regarding providing an online community through the school?


Who sets the rules and guidelines? Who will police the online community?


How should bad actors be dealt with by officials?


If I had to Start My Blog Again - Group Writing Project, Darren Rowse. Problogger. July 25th, 2006. Responses


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