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Bluebirds Project

blue feather Altricial versus Precocial 

Looking for a meal:

Eastern Bluebird chicks at IS

Notice the dried grasses and pine needles nest.

 The bluebird chicks are altricial. This means they cannot move around on their own upon hatching. They have only a few feathers. They stay in the nest and the parent(s) feed them. Both parents care for their young. The bluebird chicks leave the nest in about 15-18 days.

Precocial chicks are capable of moving almost right away. They leave the nest quickly after hatching. They are covered with a fluffy down. Bobwhite Quail chicks and wood duck ducklings are examples of birds that leave the nest soon after birth.

1. Explore Examples: Underline the correct word.

House wrens are precocial or altricial.

Chickens are precocial or altricial.

Give another example of:

Altricial chicks -

Precocial chicks -


2. How does this compare with mammal newborns?



3. Outside of your bedroom window, a robin has nested in the rhododendron bush. You can see everything and check it each day. One morning you hear peeping.


Make a prediction. If you hear peeping, what do you think you will see?


Check out the photo.

Based on what you have learned about altricial and precocial, this chick is:


4. A teacher tells your mom you are precocious. What does that mean?

Dictionary resource


Worksheet doc.

blue featherOther potential nest box inhabitants:

Tree Swallow / English Sparrow / Wren / Nuthatch / Tufted Titmouse / Chickadee / Bluebirds

BirdSleuth: Investigating Evidence - free materials from Cornell University

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