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Nuthatch Nest Photo

Take a peek in a Red Breasted Nuthatch's (Sitta canadensis) nest box:

nest box showing nuthatch occupancy

Notice all the bark strips!

There were several clues this was an nuthatch's nest. One - there many pieces of bark. Two - there are bits of dried moss in the nest. Three - there is a soft lining of animal hairs.

Nuthatches are native birds. They have the curious habit of moving down trees, head first, looking for insects and larva.

Unlike chickadees and bluebirds which tolerate people, nuthatches will fly away when you get near. They do mind having the nest box disturbed. I respect this and just observe the comings and goings from a distance.

As I watch, I find myself wondering where/how do the nuthatches get the animal hair?

To learn more about nuthatches, visit Cornell University's bird web site:



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