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Male Eastern bluebird photo

Bluebirds Project

Controls and Systems Exercise

All animals live in and adapt to systems. They also live with many controls.


Highways and roads are a system that is controlled by signs and traffic lights.

A Community Hospitial is a system controlled by patients, doctors & nurses, administrators, government agencies and insurance companies.

right button Identify some of the systems that bluebirds live within.


right button Which system controls impact bluebirds positively?


right button Which system controls impact bluebirds negatively?


right button Are bluebirds adapting successfully to changes that are occurring to the systems in which they live?


right button What traits or behaviors of bluebirds help them survive in a changing system?


right button Give a bluebird some good survival advice.

How could they do a better job dealing with the systems in which they live?



Further Explorations:

Considering Systems and Controls

Citizen Science Projects

BirdSleuth: Investigating Evidence - free materials from Cornell University


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