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Chickadee Nest Photo

Take a peek in a Black-Capped Chickadee's nest box:

chickadee nest

Notice the pieces of bark!


How do I know this was a chickadee nest?

I observed the Black-capped Chickadees coming and going feeding their chicks.

Chickadees are small birds. They are seed and insect feeders. They often come to bird feeders in the winter. They favor sunflower seeds. In fact, chickadees cache the seeds. They save them under bark, tuck them in nooks and hide them notches in trees. They go back for them later.

To learn more about Chickadees, visit Cornell University's bird web site:

Bird Web - Black-Capped Chickadee

M-W Visual Dictionary

blue featherOther potential nest box inhabitants:

Tree Swallow / English Sparrow / Wren / Nuthatch / Chickadee

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