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Bluebirds Project

Bluebirds Project

blue feather Camouflage - hiding in plain sight

Examine this photo carefully.

There is a bluebird chick in it. The fledgling has just left the nest box. It found refuge in this ninebark bush. The chick has made a great choice because it is indeed hard to see. The patterns of coloring on the feathers, of this newly fledged chick, are a form of camouflage.

hidden bluebird chick


Can you see it in this close up?

hidden bird

1. If you were going to hide, what color(s) would you choose and why?


2. Give two examples of when people use camouflage.


Scientific thinking:

3. What environmental factors might contribute to an animal's camouflage efforts?


Mimicry is when an animal looks like something else. For example: The Viceroy Butterfly looks like the Monarch Butterfly. The Monarch Butterfly is poisonous. Predators avoid it. The Viceroy's similar appearance means many predators pass it by, too.

Assess - Do bluebirds benefit from mimicry?


Learn more..

You can't see me. - enaturalist

Blending in

How Animal Camouflage Works

How many young birds typically fledge?

BirdSleuth: Investigating Evidence - free materials from Cornell University

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