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Male Eastern bluebird photo Bluebirds Project Resources

To learn more about bluebirds, visit Cornell University's bluebird web site 

The Pennsylvania Bluebird Society web site.

Attracting and Keeping Bluebirds

Eastern Bluebirds at National Geographic Society

Good Luck Songster - eNaturalist article

M-W Visual Dictionary - Birds

Citizen Science Projects

Fields, Meadows and Fencerows EcoStudy Unit

Basic Ecology A Free Online Textbook

Indicator Species @ The Futures Channel

Other useful bluebird resources available on the Internet.

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Bluebird webquest (intermediate level)

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Online Bluebird coloring activity

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Bringing Back the Bluebirds

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The Birdhouse Network: Nest Box Cam - See photos taken inside box.

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Feeding bluebirds

blue feather Feeding bluebirds recipe

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Bluebird nest box plans from Nebraska bluebirds

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Plants, shrubs, trees that feed bluebirds

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How do baby birds hatch? eNaturalist

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How does a bird stay on a branch when sleeping?

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About bird songs - eNaturalist

blue feather BIODIVERSITY at a SCHOOL
blue feather Along the Birdhouse Trail
blue feather 2001 Nestbox Video Eastern Bluebird
blue feather Nest Problems on the Bluebird Trail
blue feather Housing Shortage - eNaturalist
blue feather Bluebird nestbox trail
blue feather Species and Speciation online lesson
blue feather Bluebird facts
blue feather How the Bluebird and Coyote Got Their Color - legend
blue feather NPWRC - Bluebirds
blue feather Bare midriff - incubating eggs - eNaturalist
blue feather Bluebirds Across Nebraska
blue feather Bills, Bills, Bills - eNaturalist

Twelve nesting boxes have been placed around the Selinsgrove Area School District's campuses. Four nest boxes were made by fifth graders when they attended the Intermediate School's annual Outdoor Education Program. The other eight were furnished by Cindy and Don O'Hora.

Congratulations to Jackson-Penn Elementary and Selinsgrove Area Intermediate School. They are the first schools to host bluebird families! Additionally, SAIS has a tree swallow family in another nest box. In Mid June 2002, one of the boxes at the High School was hosting a bluebird family.

The following resources were donated to the SASD by a local bird enthusiast, Cindy O'Hora, for use by students and staff.

The Bluebird Monitor's Guide by C Berger, K. Kridler, & J Griggs - available at the High School library.

Bluebird Rescue by Joan Rattner Heilman - available at the Intermediate School's library.

Two Bluebird learning tubs which contain: Bluebird's First Summer by Helena Craven, Bluebird habitat bulletin, bluebird nest puppet (only in 1), a nest box, lesson plans for birds, bluebird tracking reporting forms & other educational materials. - available through Selinsgrove Elementary's professional library and at Jackson-Penn Elementary School.

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